What Is an Expungement?

It is a legal process whereby criminal convictions are cleared from your record. Many people seek to have prior convictions removed because such tarnishes on their record are creating barriers in their personal and professional life. Prior convictions can make it difficult to get a job, obtain housing, get educational funding and be licensed for various purposes.

An expungement can provide many solutions:

  • Ability to deny a Misdemeanor ever happened
  • Recover lost rights due to a Felony Conviction
  • Seal Arrest Records that never resulted in a Conviction
  • Seal and/or Destroy Juvenile Criminal Convictions
  • Obtain a Certificate of Rehabilitation
  • Obtain a Pardon
  • Pass Background Checks
  • End Sex Offender Registration
  • Early Termination of Probation

The process for a misdemeanor expungement takes about a month from the filing date. The process for a felony is about two months. Juvenile records take up to two months as well.

I am well versed in the expungements procedures and have represented many clients to a clean slate and fresh start on life.

Call me and we can discuss options for your future that opens doors you never thought could be opened.

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