Domestic Violence

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What Will Happen to Me if Convicted of Domestic Violence?

Misdemeanors (typically no injury or minor injuries with no prior record):

  • Jail Time (up to 6 months in County Jail)
  • Counseling (1 year / 52-week program)
  • Community Service (40 hours) or Physical Labor (Work alternative)
  • Ordered to stay away from the victim, move out of residence (if applicable)
  • Various Fines
  • Ordered not to strike or harm partner (couples)

Felonies (severe cuts, broken bones or a history of violence):

  • Jail Time (ranges from 3 months in county jail to 3 years in Prison)
  • Counseling (52-week program)
  • 40 hours of Community Service or Physical Labor (Work alternative)
  • Various Fines
  • Ordered to stay away from the victim, move out of residence (if applicable)
  • Ordered not to strike or harm partner (couples)

What Should I Do Now That I Am Being Charged?

The law regarding domestic violence is complex and highly specialized. It is important to contact an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer immediately. The Law Office of Peter A Duarte has ample experience with defending clients against domestic violence charges. I can help you avoid the charges completely, reduce the consequences to counseling and/or probation and generally ensure that you will receive the minimum consequence necessary.

What if the Victim Wants to Drop Charges?

Criminal charges are a crime against the people. Only the Prosecutor can drop the charges. The alleged victim is merely a witness to crime.

What Do I Do About This Restraining Order?

Read the order carefully to see what conduct is prohibited. Do not contact/communicate with the Protected Person in any fashion, even if that person initiates contact/communication with you. Violation of the order could lead to arrest or criminal prosecution. Contact me online or call (707) 541-7100 immediately upon receiving notice of the order to ensure compliance and to take all steps to reduce or remove the order.


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