Avoid Jail

What Are My Alternatives to Jail?

It is vital to employ an experienced criminal defense attorney in your defense. I am well versed in all available alternative sentencing guidelines. These include:

  • Plea bargains
  • House arrest and/or electronic monitoring
  • Sentence reductions
  • Community service
  • Work release (Highway maintenance, graffiti removal, litter cleanup, etc.) Return home after the Sheriff/Probation Departments chosen work task each day.
  • Work furlough (return to jail after work)
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Weekend only jail time
  • Diversion (charges will be dismissed after completion of program)
  • Sober living facilities
  • Counseling programs
  • Probation

As you can see, there are a large number of avenues that are better than regular prison or jail time. I will ensure that you have every opportunity to avoid jail time.

Do not take chances with your liberty and how that would affect your family and loved ones.

Call me immediately and rest assured that your future is in capable hands.

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